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Listen: “She would get into the car and disappear” – Do ghosts exist?


According to an article on, In the early 1970’s, the pilot on an American Flight from New Jersey to Miami was asked to check on a passenger in first class. The passenger in question was another pilot from the same airline — apparently “deadheading,” or flying home off the clock — who wasn’t listed on the flight list. The man, dressed in full captain’s uniform, hadn’t responded to the questions of the senior flight attendant. He was just stared straight ahead, as if in a daze. When the captain approached the passenger, he exclaimed, “My God — it’s Bob Loft.”

It should have been a welcome meeting between old colleagues. There was just one problem: Bob Loft had been dead for months.

Eerie, isn’t it?

It brings me to ask whether you believe in ghosts, the paranormal or the Spirit world.


Another story of the paranormal takes us to the little town of Uniondale in the Western Cape of South Africa. It’s a small town known for its ghost, a young woman who stands alone alongside the lonely stretch of road between Uniondale and Willowmore. When people stop to offer her a lift, she gets into the car and then – freakishly – vanishes.

According to, one encounter with the ghost was reported by a young man who saw her on Good Friday 1973 and offered her a lift. She got into the car and gave her destination.

After traveling a short distance, she disappeared. The distressed young man reported the incident to the local police, who offered to follow him to the site of the incident in another vehicle.

Just outside Uniondale, the passenger door of the young man’s vehicle opened and closed, as if someone had just got out. He stopped immediately and consulted with the white-faced policeman, who had seen the door open and close without any movement from the young man.

Similar stories have been reported.

The ghost is said to be a young woman, Maria Charlotte Roux, who tragically died in the early hours of the 12th of April 1968 when her fiancé lost control of the car in which they were travelling.


For some this may just be stories made up to add an extra dimension to a small town like Uniondale, for others it’s the truth, while for others, they are stuck in a world of confusion.

Usually on the Social Impact we look at the good work people do in the communities and family, but today we take a different twist as we look into the paranormal. Do ghosts exists? Well to help us understand that a whole lot better and to help bust the myths which need busting is the founder of Cape Town Paranormal Investigations, somewhat like the ghost busters, but not, Marc Leitao……

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