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Mentally dealing with social isolation

Many countries around the world have imposed lock down measures and regulations for social distancing as well as social isolation as to ‘flatten the curve’ of the spread of infection of Covid-19.

“Reach out to friends and family so that you don’t need to continue suffering or inflict harm upon yourself or (and) others around you”

Dr Giada Del Fabbro (Clinical Psychologist)

And as South Africa extended its lock down to a further two weeks, over and above the initial 21 day recommendation by presidency, many are experiencing heightened feelings of uncertainty, unrest and loneliness.

Many online articles with mental health experts are suggesting that the extended period of various degrees of imposed lock downs and social distancing from loved ones, could have a negative impact on the state of our mental health.

“Unless there are breaks in the lock down, I would think that patience of people will run out. Especially those deprived of finances during this time”

Dr Giada Del Fabbro (Clinical Psychologist)

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