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Stretching the brains potential

A strong memory is crucial for a good life and success. But, what if you could have a super memory? Is it even possible? Or are some born with ultra intelligence, able to remember mathematical formulas in detail and to recall every detail of a past memory or thought? A super memory wuld make work easier, and so would your friendships and relationships as you would never forget an anniversary, birthday or shared event.

“The World Record is to remember 608 random digits in five minutes”

Kevin Horsley (Former memory athlete and grand master)

Science has proven that memory is the faculty of the brain by which data or information is encoded, stored and retrieved when needed. It is the retention of information over time for the purpose of influencing future action.

“I remember a boy in my high school History class who would hand me his text book before every exam and say I should test him by turning to any page in the book. I’d turn to page 250 for example and he would describe to me in detail what was on that page. The font, the colour, the picture layout. He would have would they term a ‘photographic memory'”

Keenan Williams (Host of the Social Impact Podcast)

Memory however, isn’t a perfect processor, and is affected by many factors. The ways by which information is encoded, stored and retrieved can all be corrupted. The amount of attention given new stimuli can diminish the amount of information that becomes encoded for storage. Also, the storage process can become corrupted by physical damage to areas of the brain that are associated with memory.
Memory is often understood to be made up of sensory processing information, short term (or working) memory and long term memory. This can be related to the neuron.

“You have to use your long term memory to use your short term memory”

Kevin Horsley (Former memory athlete and grand master)

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