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How Apartheid almost left me imprisoned post ’94

You have probably heard of people who were physically free but mentally and emotionally shackled. For many South Africans that is their reality, even post the dawn of democracy, as the Apartheid government left behind a scar which cut deeper than a double edged sword, as it left not only a damaged past but a broken, shattered future too.

Many youth on the Cape Flats grow up believing they are worthless, that their lives will amount to little or nothing and that they will live (and continue to live) in a cycle of poverty. Many others continue to dream, to work hard in their schooling and to build a brighter future for themselves, without the privilege of a silver spoon in their mouths. Today on the Social Impact Podcast we meet a man who against all odds shifted his mentality to allow him to physically achieve his dreams and to get out of a cycle of poverty, by unlearning the lessons of the past.

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