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My daddy, my hero

Who is your favourite super hero?

But when it comes to superheroes, many think it all started with Supermans appearance in Action Comics No. 1, but that Kryptonian rocket didn’t just drop out of the sky. By the time Superman’s creators were born, the superhero’s most defining elements—like secret identities, aliases, disguises, signature symbols, traumatic origin stories, extraordinary powers, —were all already well-rehearsed standards. Superheroes have a sprawling, action-packed history that predates the Man of Steel by decades and even centuries. In the Origin of Superheroes, a book dedicated to the subject, is a quirky, personal tour of the mythology, literature, philosophy, history, and grand swirl of ideas that have permeated western culture in the centuries leading up to the first appearance of superheroes (as we know them today) in 1938.

And today we focus on a different type of superhero, the non fictional sort, the sort who live extraordinary lives as ordinary people in our every day life. These are the people who liberated our nation and got us to where we are today, to celebrate days like Freedom Day, heritage day, human rights day and so on. Those unnamed heroes who worked in the struggle, those single mothers, those self sacrificing father’s, those who went against all odds to beat addiction and abuse, those who lived lives of example for us all. Today, as we focus on another African with an exceptional story to tell, we meet Ruth from the DRC who currently lives in Cape Town who describes her father as one such hero who saved her family from the corruption and sinister scheming of life in the Democratic Republic of the Congo……

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