Saving money or spending less at the checkout counter seem to be the new normal these days. Finding innovative ways to optimize your shopping rands and minimize your effort as food prices soar is on everyone’s lips. Not to beat yourself up about the uncertainty ‘plaguing’ society, there are ways to economize on what to buy at the supermarket. Some retail chain stores are making it a bit simpler, such as Checkers, with their Xtra Savings Reward Program, which promises instant cash savings on food and drinks. Customers can see their deals on WhatsApp, USSD, website, on leaflets and in-store. This means customers can access their deals anywhere and at any time.

“Our customers don’t have to jump through hoops to receive the benefits of this programme. There is no need to visit a kiosk or to download an app. Personalised deals are automatically loaded to customers’ Xtra Savings cards,”explains Neil Schreuder, Chief of Strategy and Innovation for the Shoprite Group.

“We are delivering lower prices in a time that shoppers need discounts most. When customers are truly rewarded without the smoke and mirrors, they do come back,” says Schreuder.

[AUDIO…Neil Schreuder]

Posted by:KW Media