Women’s healthcare is part of risk-based reintroduction of healthcare services in the Western Cape. The Provinces health department is said to be continuing its focus on a risk based reintroduction of other healthcare services.  The initial focus is on rolling out and ramping up those services which present a low risk, but have a high impact on healthcare outcomes, such as diabetes, hypertension, HIV, TB, immunisations and children and women’s healthcare services.

In line with this, the Western Cape Government is appealing to all those who have stopped medication or treatment, or those who have missed important screenings or immunisations, to make contact with their healthcare facility for advice on how best to resume treatment or to schedule an appointment for screenings. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and part of the Western Cape Health Departments Health Minister Nomafrench Mbombo is visiting various clinics which are conducting breast cancer screenings. The recent clinic visited was at Groote Schuur. The screenings are an important aspect of women’s health care, however, while rare, breast cancer does also impact men. With early detection and treatment, breast cancer can be managed with excellent outcomes.

If you are overdue for a screening, at risk because of a family history of breast cancer, or if you have noticed changes in your breasts, it is important that you discuss this with a healthcare practitioner at a healthcare facility. You may then be referred for a mammogram at one of our breast clinics. You can find more information about breast cancer, risk factors, signs and symptoms as well as our breast clinics here: https://www.westerncape.gov.za/general-publication/breast-cancer-awareness

Posted by:KW Media