South Africa’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic was three-fold. Firstly, a robust health response, secondly, social, and economic relief and now economic recovery. This is according to President Cyril Ramaphosa who addressed the two houses of parliament on governments economic recovery plan on Thursday.

In his speech the president said the size of our economy, our social and economic relief response to COVID-19 is roughly on par with countries like Canada, Spain, the United States and Australia.

Meanwhile…. Ramaphosa said the special COVID-19 grants and the top-up of existing grants, close to R40 billion in additional support has been provided directly to more than 17 million people from poor households. Studies have shown that these grants were vital in reducing the impact of the pandemic on levels of poverty and hunger. The evidence suggests that the expansion of social protection has kept more than 5 million people above the food poverty line during the past six months.

Posted by:KW Media