Foreign diplomats want their own vaccines imported

Foreign diplomats are asking government whether they could import their own Covid-19 vaccines to inoculate themselves and their families residing in South Africa. Though government is still to respond to the request, the department of health had previously made it clear that no one would be jumping the vaccination queue and no preferential treatment would be given to anyone.

At the same time…. South Africa has secured 11 million doses of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, while a further 20million doses of the Pfizer vaccine, are expected to be added. This was announced by President Cyril Ramaphosa last night as he addressed the nation on the country’s current coronavirus positioning. He also said that more than 250,000 health workers have to date received the jab as part of the Sisonke trial.

Meanwhile….. The department of health says it would no longer be vaccinating over a million healthcare workers, but just over 600,000. It briefed the health portfolio committee on the vaccine rollout plan. The department said the vaccination programme aimed to ensure community survival and prevent lockdowns.