LISTEN: Financial freedom

What is financial freedom? How do you see it?

With the current economic climate, we are currently finding ourselves in, its certain that that meaning of financial freedom is different to everyone.

“We often think to ourselves; ‘if I have lots of money’, we always think that our financial freedom lies in us having lots of money?” – Sylvia Walker (Financial advisor and author)

According to financial advisor, publisher and author, having a lot of money doesn’t always mean we are financially free. But rather it is us knowing how to manage our money correctly. Walker says

“if you can work with a little money, you can work with a lot of money”.

She goes on to say that you must determine what financial freedom will mean to you and make a plan to get there.

“Sometimes your financial freedom isn’t necessarily having so much money that you don’t know what to do with it. But it may be there situation where you’d like to get out of debt, perhaps you’d like to see things just ease off a little bit, that you have choice again”

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