Brazil trying to clear old graves for influx of Covid death toll

Brazil’s biggest city Sao Paulo is speeding up efforts to empty old graves in cemeteries to make room because of the soaring number of deaths from Covid-19. Officials say there has been a record number of deaths this week. At the Vila Formosa cemetery in Sao Paulo, workers in masks and protective gear have been digging rows of graves under floodlights. Similar scenes are being played out in the city’s other cemeteries, with many now staying open until 10 at night. Gravediggers have had to speed up the routine clearance of old graves to make more space for the stream of coffins arriving each day, many in adapted school buses. The city itself recorded more than 400 burials on Tuesday – the most since the pandemic began. Officials say they expect the situation to get worse as Sao Paulo’s health service becomes overwhelmed.