SA signs deal with Pfizer for 20mil vaccines

South Africa’s COVID-19 death toll is fast approaching the 53,000 mark. Over the past 24- hour cycle, eight more fatalities were confirmed, with a further 452 new infections during the same time period. The recovery rate remains steady at 95%.

Meanwhile…. The Department of Health has finally signed a crucial contract with US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer for the supply of 20 million vaccines. The Business Day is reporting that we can expect delivery from the middle of next month. Together with the Johnson & Johnson agreement for 30 million vaccines, the scene is finally set for South Africa to begin the rollout of the country’s vaccine programme. Pfizer is a double-dose vaccine, while Johnson and Johnson is a single dose. Government has been criticised for the slow pace of immunisations here on home soil, where only 269,000 health workers have gotten the jab under a Johnson & Johnson implementation trial.

Meanwhile…. The small-scale fishing industry is one of many sectors impacted by the COVID-19 lockdown. Fishermen from Hout Bay, in Cape Town say they are barely managing to put food on the table, but the long Easter weekend brought some positive outcomes. Although last year, some small scale fisher-folk were given permits to operate, sales were impacted.