About Us

Hey! Thanks for visiting our website… its ours together…

Our vision is to create a unified inclusive society through challenging negative societal norms and by creating a platform for dialogue, debate and expression of opinion

Our mission ties into this as it is aimed at driving educated change through our four pillars of focus and to help others be restored into being their authentic selves.

We are a privately owned company which focuses on inspiring, educating, informing and entertaining. How we do this is through the four divisions which make up our brand.

Behind each division of our cooperation are hardworking, talented individuals who are creatively working at crafting a quality product. May it be the production of our podcasting series, sourcing news and information for our weekly magazine, creating new stage productions or working on our antibullying campaign, the team’s creative inspiration is – you. We want you (and everyone else) to think deeper, to find your why and to find your authentic self.