Howsit! Welcome to KW Media (Dot) Life, the home of broadcast, media and entertainment. We are a group of like-minded individuals working toward a common purpose of ‘changing’ the way we consume news and information. 

“For more than four years our team have been working hard to execute a niche idea and to conceive its birth as though it were a miracle.”

  – Keenan Williams (Managing Director)

As we burned the midnight oil night after night, we saw a gap in the market for authentic stories, views and opinions to be filtered into thought provoking conversation. But this isn’t just a business about ‘talk’, but rather us putting action into what we want to achieve, and to help you make the world around you a better place for you (and us) to live in.

At KW Media (Pty) Ltd 2019/53157107 we focus on boosting values, self esteems and to get people to think (and dream) deeper than just the surface.


Our focus remains with our Learn to Love Anti-bullying Campaign, as we use our three pillars of; broadcast, media and entertainment to reach our goal of; inspiring, educating and entertaining, through motivation, inspiration and looking at life from a different perspective.

This is our dream, she had been conceived, after years of failed attempts. We had given birth to her and she lives, kicking and screaming, in every article, podcast and anti-bullying campaign. The miracle is here, she’s here to stay, and as a group of creatives working in a warehouse somewhere in Cape Town, we are adding that little bit of hope, faith and helping people to relearn to love (themselves and others). – Welcome!