Antibullying Campaign

Bullying remains a serious issue in schools, despite the Western Cape Education Department declaring a zero-tolerance attitude towards it. With the rise of social media, it is at times difficult to manage bullying at schools. The effects of bullying include: 

Faking illnesses to avoid having to attend school
A low self-esteem
Social Isolation
Unexplained bruises and injuries
Becomes upset after using the internet or cellphone
And, becomes very secretive about online activities

It’s important to remember that the bully often comes from a background where there is insecurity, little parent involvement, and inconsistency in actions of parents. The bully, like the victim needs to be loved, and they need to find that value within themselves first before they are able to seek it within their peers.

The KW Media Learn 2 Love Campaign is a project whereby we use comedy and magic to engage with learners at schools as well as youth groups in a fun and interactive manner. The 30 minute presentation, which uses interactive magic (illusions) and psychology, helps learners discover their value, boost their self esteems, (re)learn how to love and accept themselves and to speak positively into their own lives and into the lives of others.

We started the campaign in September 2012 and have toured schools and youth groups throughout the Western Cape, Eastern Cape and Gauteng.

Currently we have four programmes running, as explained in the table below….


(Grades R – 3)
Visual interactive presentation touching on aspects of:

– Being a buddy and not a bully
– Self belief and determination
(Grades 4-7)
Interactive presentation touching on the aspects of:
– ‘Hurt people hurt people’ methodology
– Self esteem
– Positive self talk
– Values
High Schoolers
(Grades 8-12)
Interactive psychological presentation touching on aspects of:
– Positive self talk
– Influences (the influences we have on the lives of others and the influence they have on ours)
– ‘What is love’
– The walls we build around our hearts
Christian Youth groups (Ages 13 +)Interactive psychological presentation touching on aspects of:

– Self esteem
– Values (and finding your value)
– What is love
– The way we treat each other.

If you would like to invite us to run our presentation at your school or youth group, please complete the booking form below the rates table below and click ‘submit’. For more information or queries you may mail:

  Anti-bullying campaign combined with comedy magic for a duration of 30 minutes      R10 per learner/youth member (a minimum of 50 learners/youth)

*Follow up presentation: R5 per learner/youth for a minimum of 100 learners/youth)

Anti-bullying campaign combined with comedy magic for a duration of 30 minutes
R5 per learner/youth member (for a minimum of 200 learners/youth) 

*Follow up: R2 per learner/youth for a minimum of 500 learners/youth

Follow up presentations are to take place (at the request of the school or youth group) at least a month after the initial presentation. The follow up looks deeper into love, acceptance and learning to move past the pain of the past

The following form needs to be completed and submitted to us if you would like to book us for our Learn 2 Love Anti-bullying campaign for your school/youth group or organisation.