Story Time: Heidi

This week on Story Time with author Annabel Wellington, she narrates ‘Heidi’

Why do some relationships fail?

In this episode of The Social Impact Keenan Williams chats to relationship expert KB about why some relationships last while some do not…..

Story Time: Timba and Lula

This week on Story Time with Annabel we listen to a story about Timba and Lula…. Hey kids! Join author, Annabel Wellington, each Thursday at midday for Story Time

“I hated myself for who I was”

Today in our African Story we meet “Theresa’ from the DRC who speaks about how she hated herself because of who she was. This is her story of the struggles […]

Dealing with children who are picky eaters

In this episode we chat about children who are picky eaters with our guests;  – Victorine MbongShu (Parenting conversationalist)  – Abby Courtenay (registered dietitian and nutrition  educator) 

Your eyes and the corona-virus

How do we protect our eyes from the corona-virus? To help us bust some truths around the matter optometrist Dr Dirk  Booysen joins us for this episode of The Social […]

Being ‘buddy buddy’ with your kids

Is it wise to be ‘buddy buddy’ with your children? Where does one draw the line between being friends with your children and being the parent? How deep should the […]