To jog or not to jog is the question

Since the 1st of May South Africa shifted it’s lock down restrictions from level five to level four, which allows for some sectors to return to work and add to […]

What do we really want from tech?

We are living in unprecedented times and many of us have been given the option of working from home remotely with the help of technology, which aids us to do […]


Shackled, shackled is how I felt. My freedom was ripped from within me. Those carefree days felt like centuries ago. The chains which enslaved me drew tighter and I could […]

My daddy, my hero

Who is your favourite super hero? But when it comes to superheroes, many think it all started with Supermans appearance in Action Comics No. 1, but that Kryptonian rocket didn’t […]

How I danced in Mandela’s prison cell

South African dancer and choreographer Simone Momplé, the founder of Godance™, shares her experience of dancing in Nelson Mandela’s prison cell on Robben Island and weighs in on a discussion […]

My struggle with epilepsy

Today on The Social Impact Podcast, we meet South African, Amy Louise, who shares her struggle with epilepsy. Amy Louise shares her story, as we focus on exceptional African stories, […]

Stretching the brains potential

A strong memory is crucial for a good life and success. But, what if you could have a super memory? Is it even possible? Or are some born with ultra […]

Mentally dealing with social isolation

Many countries around the world have imposed lock down measures and regulations for social distancing as well as social isolation as to ‘flatten the curve’ of the spread of infection […]

Learning to forgive

Learning to forgive isn’t always easy, but it is necessary so that you may unshackle the chains which hold you back and move toward a more fulfilled self. As we […]