To make us stand out as the home of broadcast we can’t be doing the same old same old. That’s why we are all about the good life. For us the good life is an holistic approach at looking at solutions to tackling issues within society. This holistic approach at amplifying the good life lies  in the promotion of the ‘do-gooders’ and to highlight those who are living their purpose and contributing to a positive change in their communities. For us, it goes beyond the politics, beyond the rich and famous and rather, that good life, is the life lived by those ordinary men, women and youth who are doing extraordinary things.


Beside looking at the good life and how we can spread more positivity in society we are taking a step further in the development of skilled people wanting to learn all about radio and broadcast. Its a beautiful platform which allows people to share their stories, experiences, feelings and opinions and we are giving them (or you) that opportunity for your voice to be heard. This platform is all about you. We are here to help you grow as an individual may it be healing from pain, learning and growing as a radio jock or producer or just upskilling yourself by learning to be a better public speaker.


We currently have curriculum programmes in place which teaches the fundamentals of radio, broadcast, production and presentation as well as have dedicated weekly shows on our platform where we aim at shining the spotlight on the good life and thinking deeper.