Keenan Williams

Our managing director, Keenan Williams, is an award-winning magician and entertainer, experienced journalist and broadcaster who uses his skills to contribute positively to the lives of others.

With more than fifteen years’ experience in the entertainment industry, Williams had performed across South Africa, Addis Ababa Ethiopia and Stuttgart Germany.

Having worked in the broadcast and media industry for several years, Williams founded KW Media to create an opportunity for people to grow, discover their why and to begin to accept that man (or woman) in the mirror, irrespective of the scars of the past.

He held the title of news anchor, reporter and drive time host on Radio CCFM before embarking on a new journey at Primedia Broadcasting in the role of content producer and on air host for Cape Talk (with a short stint at 702). He had also dabbled as a traffic compiler and anchor for Eyewitness News. He also worked as a DJ on Radio Kaapse Punt (RKPFM) and Ratanga Radio.

After leaving Primedia Broadcasting in August 2019, after a four year stint, Keenan decided to found KW Media, with a group of like minded individuals, with the hope that it would promote feel good good news stories, through deeper dialogue and discussion, by using online resources in broadcast, media and entertainment to holistically cover aspects of entertainment, education and inspiration.

If you would like to connect with Keenan Williams directly, you can email him at: