-Thank you so much for coming along to perform at the Community Chest Carnival. Your smart outfit helped to have you stand out in the crowd and the children and adults alike enjoyed your magical performances. I could see that the children loved receiving the sweets-what a great idea.
(College Of Magic)

-Thank you for bringing some “magic” to our Bazaar held on Saturday. The children were mesmerized and I noticed a very proud mom and sis watching on as well, once again thank you!
(Elaine Pellew)

-Dude thanks so much for coming here to Pretoria we loved u here and we will be waiting for you to come back, hope to see you soon mate thanks for all the laughs
(Louis- Pretoria)

-Hey Keewi. Thanks again for blessing us with your company this week and for motivating the youth as you have done. May God bless your journey and plans you have for the future. Will definitely keep in touch. Go well.

-The shopping mall was alive with the excitement of thousands of shoppers….many people rushing to see the Egoli stars- and what was really amazing and magical was the joy you gave by entertaining the crowds with your special friendly brand of magic- you are a star
(David Gore)

-Thank you for adding to making a wedding truly memorable.
Your ability to read your audience was evident and your choice of “volunteer” could not have been better if it had been pre-planned. Once again thank you. And we wish you well in your career of entertainment and we would surely highly recommend you.
(Bellamy and Tracey Block)

-On behalf of the College Of Magic, I would like to say a very big Thank you for giving up your Saturday to perform at the SACTWU Aids Day event. We really do appreciate it!
(Director College Of Magic)

-Thanks for your time and effort to make our day magical
(Carlo and Cindy)

-Your wonderful contribution in making the Harry Potter promotion a huge success is really appreciated!
(David Gore)

-We are extremely thankful to you for entertaining our parish family today
(Our Lady of the Rosary – Hanover Park)

-Mr. Williams was with us for around two hours with the youth in which he gave a spellbinding (spot the pun) magic show with a built-in faith lesson or two for the enchanted gathering of young boys and girls. He came across as very approachable and easy to talk to; he had no trouble getting volunteers from the rather shy group.
(Fr Craigh Laubscher Christ the King Queenswood Pretoria)

-You pretty rare, there are no catholic comedic magicians and we are lucky to have you

-Dude you so talented

(Pinto -Pretoria)

-Thank u for making such an impact in your short time with us!!!! good luck in Johannesburg and your journey home!
(Danny -Pretoria)

-Thanks for your impromptu show at the spur, the children enjoyed it.
Kind regards

-I Would like to take this opportunity to than the branch in Kenilworth Centre, Topeka, for the creative and thoughtful ways of implementing a magician who entertains us when we wait on our meals. We look forward to our regular nights when we do the burger special nights on Mondays. Such a wonderful and entertaining young man, who shows so much respect to all he speaks to. I wish other youngsters would be as respectful and master their talents the way he does. Well done Topeka Spur! See you next week.

Kind regards

(Anthea Truter)